Construction Trailers

Hi-Lo Level Loading Trailer

Holstein Manufacturing has a complete line of standard hydraulic loading/lift trailers for a variety of markets. With our hydraulic lift trailers, you can keep an extra worker on the job site because our lift trailers only need one person to load and unload equipment. Holstein’s line of hydraulic loading and lift trailers are extremely customizable with a complete set of options.



  • Dock Height Loading and Unloading
  • Ground Level Loading and Unloading
  • Highway Travel
  • Tilt Bed for Easy Unloading
  • Surge brake actuator
  • Winch
  • Spare tire
  • Fully enclosed trailer
  • Aluminum roll top door
  • Side Swing Doors
  • Toolbox


  • Rubber Torsion Suspension
  • 5″ Hydraulic cylinder
  • DC power up & down hydraulic system
  • 12 volt battery (1400 cold cranking amps)
  • 4″ x 10″ rectangular tube frame
  • Tires LT23585R1686 3750 lbs rating
  • Breakaway kit
  • 7 wire lighting connector
  • Tailgate bar
  • Safety latch
  • Jack stand
  • Adjustable height hitch
  • Diamond floor plate
  • 8 tie down D rings
  • Construction yellow paint (other colors available upon request)
  • 12″ ground clearance (loaded)
  • Deck lowers level to the ground for ease 
  • Deck can be unloaded at any height from ground level to dock
  • Deck can tilt at a dumping angle for material unloading
  • Two outriggers on frame for loading and unloading stability
  • One person needed for loading and unloading

Gooseneck Flatbed Trailers

We specialize in gooseneck and bumper hitch trailers.

Gooseneck trailers may be sized from tandem 7,000 lb., 8,000 lb., 10,000 lb., or up to 12,000 lb. The axles may be standard spring axles or rubber torsion axles. We have made trailers from 16 feet to 40-feet long.

We also make 10-foot hydraulic beavertails on a trailer for antique tractor riders or for hauling cars, etc. Currently, we have a 35 foot trailer with a 10-foot hydraulic beavertail and a 25 foot level bed. The floors are usually made with green treated tongue and groove wood. Rubber planks are also available.