Spare Parts

A. Thermometer: $32

  • This barbeque thermometer has designated cooking ranges of SMOKE, BARBEQUE, and GRILL
  • Temperatures on the dial.
  • 3 inch dial face with screw on stem

B. Thermostat & Knob: $140

  • 187 degrees to 550 degrees
  • Operates off of a pilot light/thermopile system
  • No Electric needed

C. Pilot Light Assembly: $85

  • 700 millivolt system
  • This includes the thermopile

D. Pilot Runner: $75

  • The pipe that runs across the burners to light the burners which is lite by the pilot light.

E. Regulator: $90

  • Low pressure, handles up to 700,000 BTU’s
  • For all enclosed grills and towable units

F. Lil Joe Regulator: $40

  • Low pressure, handles up to 140,000 BTU’s
  • For all back yard grills

G. Robertshaw Gas Valve: $190

  • Millivolt Actuated Control Valve

H. Brass Gas Valve: $65

  • Valve that goes between the air mixer to the manifold on all gas Country Club grills and all Towable Gas Grills.

I. Air Mixer: $65

  • Comes with screen
  • Proper mixed gas and air for optimum flame with LP or natural ga85

J. T-Check: $16

  • Part that connects the two gas hoses to the regulator on all towable units

K. Pigtails: $35 ea.

  • Hoses that go from the gas tanks to the regulator on all towable units

L. Gear Motor: $600

  • This is a 1/20 HP Motor
  • 2 RPM
  • The couplers and rubber insert shown mounted on the motor shaft are additional charges

M. Couplers: $20 ea.

  • 5/8 inch Coupler goes on the Motor shaft
  • 1 inch Coupler goes on the Rotisserie shaft

N. Rubber Insert: $10

  • Insert between the 5/8” coupler (Motor shaft) and the 1” coupler (Rotisserie shaft) on the Rotisserie assembly

O. Burner Pipes: $100 ea. All Sizes

  • These are for all Gas Country Club grills and Gas Towable units
  • Standard Lengths:
    • 78” for 6’ grills – 80,000 BTU per burner
    • 64” for 5’ grills – 70,000 BTU per burner
    • 54” for 4’ grills – 60,000 BTU per burner

U-Bolts for Burners: $3

Tail Lights: $15

Lava Rock Grate: $100

Aluminum Tubing, per section: $14

Manifold: $65

Door Latches, Black: $12.50 ea.

Door Latches, Stainless: $24 ea.